Editing and proofreading

correcteurs2Your copy under the microscope.

The proofreader reads, compares, improves and corrects – from top to bottom, from bottom to top and sometimes crosswise too. His sharp red pen misses nothing. He shows no mercy as he strikes out anything that’s not quite correct. But above all, anything that doesn’t suit you, because the proofreader knows you inside out: what you want and what you don’t want. All our texts pass across his desk. Whether in Word, PowerPoint, Excel or InDesign, nothing deters the proofreader, for his is a noble goal: to deliver to you a final product that’s ready for the presses. And he takes a fine-tooth comb to your final proof, whether or not the copy was ours. But you’d better warn your graphics people: our proofreaders iron out even the tiniest typographical wrinkles.